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Welcome to the Interfaith Seminary.  We offer degrees of a religious nature.  We do not offer secular degrees or those of the physical sciences variety.  Although our degrees are religious in nature they carry the same privileges and rights as secular degrees.  

Degrees at the Interfaith Seminary are earned through the completion of assigned coursework.  Life experience credit can also be given but NOT for an entire degree.  Whether you are a minister, lay person, or pastoral practitioner you can earn your religious degee with us.  Through our earned degree courses you can earn your degree while also expanding your knowledge, talents, and abilities in your chosen field.  All degrees at the Interfaith Seminary are EARNED DEGREES.  There is always coursework that must be completed.  We are NOT a degree mill.

The courses at the Interfaith Seminary are available to everyone who meets our entrance requirements.  Our courses require comprehensive study and self discipline as our Seminary is an online Seminary with no physical campus.  All coursework and degrees are earned online.

The purpose of the Interfaith Seminary is to help our students develop the necessary skills needed by clergy and/or laity in their chosen field of study and work.  We set high standards for our students work and our courses require focused study.  

As our students enter into their field of study they will discover new ways to share they earned knowledge and skills with others along the way.  As our students complete their coursework they will discover that helping others is much simpler than previous knowledge allowed.  

As a religious Seminary the Interfaith Seminary is not accredited by an government agency.  We are based in the United States of America.  The Constitution of the United States separates Church from State.  No school that offers studeis in religion can really claim to be more correct than any other religious school since they are established by man and not the Creator you seek.  Legal accreditation is only offered in the secular field and does not apply to religious study.  The US Department of Education does not accredit religious schools.  A Seminary is a religious school.  Schools that claim accreditation do so through private accrediting agencies and have no real value above any other legal degree.

So what does all this mean to you the student?  

If you earn a Doctorate degree from the Interfaith Seminary even though it is a religious degree you still have the right to use the title of "Doctor."  Doctorates issued by religious or secular schools have the same rights of acknowledgement.

Some degrees issued by the Interfaith Seminary are honorary degrees and are not earned degrees.  You will find, however, that honorary degrees issued are rare.  An honorary degree is granted for one's life experience within a specific field of work or practice.  It is official recognition of a person who has advanced greatly their field of work and/or study.  Honorary degrees may also be awarded to persons who have worked in a specific field for a long time and who have shown great knowledge, wisdom, service, and contribution in their fields.  Any person receiving an honorary doctorate degree is entitled to use the title of "Doctor" as well.  The title of "Doctor", originally, was a title of the Church long, long before it was used in the academic or secular world.  It represents the pinnacle of learning, knowledge, and wisdom in one's chose field of work and/or study.



Please see our discussions on Alternative Education

Our Distance Learning Programs

All IFS degrees and diplomas are earned via distance learning. IFS is a Seminary without walls utilizing a ONLINE CAMPUS

IFS has no physical campus but instead utilizes the Internet as a online campus.

 IFS provides student resources online except for textbooks. Online students are able to communicate with the Seminary staff via email or Instant Messaging, in some cases. 


The Interfaith Seminary wants to provide our seminary students with the most beneficial pastoral and religious education possible. To this end we even offer personalized degree programs, based on student desires, needs, and background knowledge/experience and the input of our experienced and knowledgeable staff.

Partial Scholarships and life experience credit are both available towards the degrees. Life experience credit is known as Extra Institutional Learning and is defined as learning that is attained outside of educational institutions.

The IFS offers Diploma courses, Master's and Doctorate Degrees in a variety of studies, all with a religious foundation. All Degrees fall under numerous categories, including: Christian Studies, Ministry Degrees; Interfaith Studies (non-Christian focused) Degrees; Pastoral Health Degrees.

Please see our list of Courses.

Our Academics & Grading Policy

Please take note that the Interfaith Seminary is NOT a degree mill. We do NOT award degrees for substandard work or no academic work at all. You will be expected to complete your studies and submit them for grading and comment by our staff. Every course assignment you send in to us is actually read and graded by a real person. If you do not meet our student standards then you will NOT receive your degree until you bring your grades up to the acceptable standards of this online Seminary. "Acceptable standards" as set by this Seminary are that you have a grade point average of at least a "C". Students receiving grades of "D" or "F" or with grade point averages of "D" or "F" will be required to retake courses or redo assignments and score higher grades. Students who fail to do so will NOT receive their degree or diploma until they do so.

NO Seminary student with a grade point average below a "C" will be awarded ANY degree by the Interfaith Seminary. There are NO EXCEPTIONS!.

Students with the IFS have MAY change their degree coursework to better fit their needs, if they can show the program as outlined and created by the IFS is insufficient. These changes MUST be made BEFORE coursework commences and only with the permission and approval of the IFS.

All students are assigned an Academic Advisor to assist them. An Academic Advisor does everything from act as a liaison between the student and the IFS, answers questions or makes changes to the program in accordance to student's needs, answers coursework related questions and eventually grades the coursework.

Those candidates for a Doctorate must defend their thesis in writing against the questions of the IFS and their Academic Advisor.

To enroll with the IFS please click on the Application link on the left.

For more information please see our Admissions Requirements Page.

For more information please see our Life Experience Page.

Our Grading system is as follows:

B=Above Average
D=Below Average

Students with below average grades will not be awarded their degree or diploma until they bring their grades up to at least a "C". If you have any questions, comments or suggestions or have a degree you would like to create please contact us.

Contact the IFS


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